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Editorial Team

The Channel’s editorial board is selected from undergraduate students in McGill’s Department of English. Editors collectively read, discuss, and select essays for publication.

Christina Anne Stackpole is originally from Vancouver, but spent her teenage years living around Europe. She started a degree in Film Studies at the University of St. Andrews before transferring to McGill, where she is majoring in Cultural Studies and History. In addition to The Channel, Christina writes for The McGill Tribune. Her primary interests are Renaissance history, international horror cinema, and feminist film theory. In her spare time, she plays flute and sings opera, and is passionate about travel, knitting, and cats.

Rahma Wiryomartono is a fourth-year student at McGill studying English Literature and History, disciplines she’s drawn to for the ways in which they construct narratives of how to understand the world. Her favourite book is The Rings of Saturn and her favourite writer is Leonard Cohen.

Julien Gagnon is in his second year of Honours English Literature with a minor in Anthropology. He is particularly interested in interdisciplinary work between archaeology, digital age communication theory and technology, and their relationship to literature. In his spare time, he enjoys playing old video games (and writing about them), looking at pictures of cats, and endlessly browsing the net.

Sydney Guerrera is currently in the final year of her B.A., majoring in Honours English Literature and minoring in Psychology. She previously completed a Liberal Arts D.E.C. at John Abbot College, where she took an interest in both Literature and Philosophy. For the sake of her sanity, though, she opted for a degree in the former. Sydney enjoys reading prose fiction, and has a particular fondness for Shakespeare. 

Tristan Hickey is a U1 undergraduate student at McGill University pursuing a degree in Honours Philosophy with a minor in English – Cultural Studies. Encouraged by his interest in continental philosophy, Tristan intends to focus his Honours Thesis on the overlap between Phenomenology, Hermeneutics, and Aesthetics. Following the completion of his bachelor’s degree, he hopes to continue his academic pursuits at the postgraduate level, or perhaps work as a specialist at an art auction house.

Michelle Hahn-Baker is a U2 undergraduate student at McGill University in Honours English Literature and Communications. She spends her time reading literature of all kinds, but has a special love for graphic novels, contemporary novels, and nonfiction related to social issues. Her favourite animals are dogs (all kinds) and dinosaurs (Brachiosaurus).

Emily Ferguson is originally from East Greenwich, Rhode Island and is now in her fourth and final year of her degree. She is double majoring in Cultural Studies and Sociology, with a minor in Communication Studies, and has enjoyed being involved in various extracurriculars during her time at McGill. After graduation she is looking to pursue a career somewhere in the realm of media and entertainment, and hopes to travel as much as she possibly can (afford).


Annie Boisvert is a fourth year student working towards a degree in Honours English Literature with minors in World Religions and Classical Studies. Her Honours Thesis is focused on the poetics of the epiphany in the modern short story, with emphasis on its role in and effect on narrative structure. She enjoys all types of literature, especially short fiction, modern realism, and Harry Potter. She loves sunshine, chocolate, and staying in bed all day. She hopes to pursue a career in publishing, and if all else fails, will live out her days couch-surfing with a book in hand.