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Editorial Team

The Channel’s editorial board is selected from undergraduate students in McGill’s Department of English. Editors collectively read, discuss, and select essays for publication.

We are currently in the process of hiring for the 2021-2022 editorial team. 

Read about the 2020-2021 Team:


Zoe Babad-Palmer (she/they) is a U4 Honours English Literature student minoring in Linguistics; she worked on The Channel as an editor last year and writes for the McGill Tribune’s sports section. Her areas of interest include Romanticism, queer theory, the Gothic, and Oscar Wilde Studies. In her free time, Zoe enjoys embroidery, watching hockey, musicals, and comics.

Nicole Chrenek (she/her) is a U3 Honours English Literature student minoring in Philosophy. In addition to being one of this year’s editors-in-chief, she is co-president of McGill’s Rare Books Student Society. Her areas of interest include queer theory, contemporary literature, the 20th century short story, the uncanny, Edgar Allan Poe, and Dorothy Parker. Outside of literature, her interests include creative writing and performing standup comedy.


Alex Barnes (she/her) is a U4 Honours English Literature major with a minor in medieval studies. Her interests include medieval and early modern devotional literature, encyclopedias and summae, medical writing, and book history. In her free time, she likes cooking, hanging out with her cats, and blogging about medieval lit.

Asa Brunet-Jailly (she/her) is a U3 Joint Honours English Literature and Jewish Studies student. Her areas of interest include the Gothic, Romanticism, contemporary Yiddish literature, post-colonial literature, and ecocriticism. Outside of school, Asa interns for a Yiddish cultural organization and enjoys creative writing, vegan baking, and learning too many languages on Duolingo. 

Evelyne Eng is a U3 Honours English Literature major and Communications minor. She is also an editor with The Empathy Journal this year. Her areas of interest include 19th century American short stories, modernist poetry and novels, Dickens, cookbooks, and food journalism. Outside of class, she enjoys baking overly complicated desserts, keeping up with the ballet world, and doing yoga.

Sarah Ford (she/her) is a U2 Cultural Studies major with minors in Art History and Communications. Her interests include photographic theory and visual analysis. In addition to being an editor for the Channel, she is multimedia editor for the McGill Tribune. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys wildlife photography and filmmaking.

Kira Hoelscher (she/her) is a U3 Honours English Literature student and this is her second year as an editor for The Channel. Her areas of interest include medieval and early modern poetry and prose, Milton, women writers, and issues of periodization in literary history. In her free time, she enjoys baking, painting, and taking her two pugs for walks.

Chloe Holmquist (she/her) is a U4 Honours English Literature student who is interested in all things bodily and strange. She is currently writing her Honours thesis on early modern representations of grotesque female bodies and focuses especially on Shakespeare’s Falstaff as a grotesque female body who himself confounds the Henriad’s attempts to stabilize gender as a binary. Other interests include cyborgs, theorizing the anthropocene, public dissection, medical treatises, and critical race theory in the Renaissance. On top of being Chair of the McGill Peer Support Centre, she spends her time stressing over writer’s block, knitting sweaters, and FaceTiming her cats.

Jean Kim (she/her) is a U3 English Literature major and Social Entrepreneurship minor, and also co-president of the Department of English Student Association. Her areas of interest currently include contemporary literature, short stories, and East Asian postcolonial literature. In her free time, she crochets and embroiders.

Deana Korsunsky (she/her) is a U3 English Cultural Studies student minoring in Psychology. Her areas of interest include comedy theory, contemporary horror films, and 19th century British satire. When she isn’t editing essays or reporting on Arts and Entertainment for the McGill Tribune, Deana likes to binge-read Calvin and Hobbes anthologies and learn new soup recipes. French onion soup is currently her favourite.

Christina Marcucci (she/her) is a U4 Honours English Literature student minoring in GSFS. She worked on The Channel extensively last year as an editor, and is also now a member of the peer review team at The Herd Archives. Her academic interests are in 20th century and contemporary American literature, absurdist fiction, urban realism, market aesthetics, and the politics of publishing. Aside from her love for literature, Christina is an avid hiker, runner, and self-proclaimed cat whisperer. Her current favourite author is Percival Everett, whose work she recommends to anyone looking for a new book and a good laugh.

Elizabeth La Rocque (she/her) is a U4 English Literature major with minors in History and Religious Studies. Her areas of interest include praise poetry, the Romantic sublime, modernist sonnets, Canadian Indigenous studies, and post-colonial literature. In her free time, Elizabeth dabbles in penmanship and calligraphy, cooking international vegetarian dishes, and performing music at open mic nights across campus.

Fernanda Rengel (she/her) is a U2 English Literature and Philosophy joint major. Last year she edited for Samizdat, the Russian Undergraduate Student Society journal. Her main areas of interest include Russian literature, Existentialism and Magic Realism. In her free time, she is probably watching art conservation videos.