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Editorial Team

The Channel’s editorial board is selected from undergraduate students in McGill’s Department of English. Editors collectively read, discuss, and select essays for publication.


Sarah Ford (she/her) is a U3 Cultural Studies major with minors in Art History and Communications. She is interested in documentary film and visual analysis. In her spare time, she enjoys wildlife photography and filmmaking.

Fernanda Rengel (she/her) is a U3 double major in English Literature and Philosophy, and she edited for The Channel last year. Her main interests are in Russian literature and in fiction that deals with the metaphysical. Mainly, she is interested in conceptions of Truth and how they are constructed or challenged by literature. In her free time, she is probably reading the latest André Alexis novel.


Asa Brunet-Jailly (she/her) is a U4 Joint Honours English Literature and Jewish Studies student. This will be her third and last semester editing for The Channel before she graduates. She is particularly interested in applying post-colonial theory and ecocriticism to gothic, Romantic, Victorian, and Anglo-Jewish literature. Outside of school, Asa interns for a Yiddish cultural organization and can often be found lighting scented candles and downloading new books on her Kobo.

Chloe Azoto (she/her) is a U3 Honours English major with a minor in Art History. Her main interests include medieval literature, Renaissance drama, and how fantastical elements in both interact with the development of scientific knowledge. She also loves the works of Shirley Jackson and Italo Calvino (sadly in translation), and has a lifelong obsession with the Peanuts comic strip. Her hobbies include reading and rock climbing.

Sophie Semeniuk (she/her) is a U1 Cultural Studies major minoring in Art History and Sociology. Her current interests include female filmmakers, gaze theory, Roland Barthes, and the relationship between photography and film. In her spare time, she enjoys testing out new recipes and wandering through Montreal.

Michael Anders (he/him) is a U2 English Literature major with a second major in Psychology. He is interested in modernist and postmodernist areas of literature, especially in the context of the novel. In his free time he enjoys backpacking and rereading anything by Kazuo Ishiguro.

Molly Pearce (she/her) is a U2 English Literature student minoring in European Literature and Culture. She’s from Victoria, BC and loves spending time hiking and exploring beaches, but she’s also an avid skier who loves both west and east coast mountains. Her favourite writers are Alexander McCall Smith, Edna St Vincent Millay, and Robert Frost. She’s excited to be an editor at The Channel this year and get to know some amazing McGill writers too!

Leslie Carmelotes (she/her) is a U3 English Literature major with minors in Gender, Sexuality, Feminist and Social Justice Studies and East Asian Cultural Studies. Her main interests lie in social justice issues, intersectionality, literary theory and gender politics. Outside of school, she is passionate about music and singing.

Ben Schneider (he/him) is a fourth year student at McGill majoring in English Literature. As a writer, Ben is particularly interested in fantasy and science fiction. You can find his baseball-specific work at Back Sports Page and All Talk, No Balk!

Catherine Hall (she/her) is a U3 English literature major with a minor in history. Her interests include medieval literature, Old English heroic poetry, science fiction and fantasy, and her favourite author is J.R.R. Tolkien. In her free time, you can find her discussing obscure Tolkien lore, writing fantasy stories, baking, and hanging out with her cat.

Justin Shen (he/him) is a U2 English Literature major with a minor in Philosophy, and this is his first year editing for The Channel. Some of his academic interests include Southern Gothic literature, the history of the (American and English) novel, philosophical fiction, and philosophy as literature. When he isn’t reading, you can find him chatting with his cat, or rewatching Phoebe Waller Bridge’s brilliant dramedy, Fleabag. Since last June, he has been an evangelist for Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Quartet, so he insists on recommending it here to anybody who is – or wants to be – addicted to the experience of devouring novels.