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Confronting Time in Liminal Space: Placing Queer Identity in Hall’s “Miss Ogilvy Finds Herself”

By Ronny Litvack-Katzman Time weighs heavily on the narrative in Radclyffe Hall’s “Miss Ogilvy Finds Herself,” (1926). The effect of time imposes on Miss Ogilvy…

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Modern Orientalism and the Ethics of Representation in Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited

By Meghan Farbridge “No matter how skillful the painter, his work was always in fee to an inescapable subjectivity. The fact that a human hand…

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The Deity’s Masquerade: On the performativity of identity in the works of Lord Byron

By Hannibal de Pencier In his works, Lord Byron largely anticipates the twentieth-century notion of performativity as expounded by feminist theorist Judith Butler. Byron’s habitual…

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