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Editorial Team

The Channel’s editorial board is selected from undergraduate students in McGill’s Department of English. Editors collectively read, discuss, and select essays for publication.


Michael Anders is a U3 English Honours and Psychology double major. His interests include the novel in the long 20th century and literary criticism, especially the work of Benjamin and the Frankfurt School. Outside of school, he enjoys cooking, film, and music.

Sophie Semeniuk (she/her) is a U2 English Cultural Studies and Art History double major. Her current interests include female filmmakers, art criticism, and the relationship between photography and film. In her spare time, she enjoys testing new recipes and checking out art exhibitions around town.


Haider Ali (he/him) is a U2 Honours English literature major, with a minor in Microbiology/Immunology. His main interests include Renaissance drama and poetry (poetry in general, really), as well as psychoanalytic theories, like those found in the needlessly dense and frankly irritating works of Jacques Lacan. In his free time, you can find him writing poetry, reading something that is very likely not a novel (sorry novel lovers), and probably arguing that Shakespeare is the best author ever (because he is).

Raphaëlle Béhar (she/her) is a U1 English Literature and Political Science major with a minor in Russian. She is a perpetual nerd for Tolstoy and Dostoevski and enjoys the poetry of Gwendolyn Brooks and Anne Carson. After class, you can find her at Café Bloc, a McSway Open Mic, or in the SSMU lounge binging more Better Call Saul.

Leslie Carmelotes is a U3 English Literature major with minors in Gender, Sexuality, Feminist and Social Justice Studies and East Asian Cultural Studies. Her main interests lie in social justice issues, intersectionality, literary theory and gender politics. Outside of school, she is passionate about music and singing. She has recently adopted a pair of sibling kittens named Honey and Dolce and couldn’t be happier.

Suzanna Graham (she/her) is a U2 student majoring in English Literature and minoring in Environment. She is primarily interested in medieval literature, as well as sci-fi and fantasy novels. In her spare time, she likes running, watching Survivor, and attending McGill theatre performances. 

Julie Jacques is a U2 Joint Honours in English Literature and History student. Her primary interests lie in Canadian and Québécois literature and history, but she also loves the Victorians. When she’s not reading, she spends her time baking, playing guitar, or tending her vegetable garden (weather permitting). 

Rachel Jaworski (she/her) is a U3 Cultural Studies major with a minor in the Social Studies of Medicine. Her main academic interests include postmodernist and contemporary literature, mythology and folklore, medical anthropology, and book and publishing history. Outside of school, you can find her baking, rewatching her favorite British crime dramas, or trying new activities such as springboard diving and ice skating.

Natasha Kinne (she/her) is a U3 honours English lit student with a minor in French language and literature and history. Her favorite authors are John Milton and Herman Melvile and she enjoys pieces related to their work. Outside of school Natasha enjoys watching movies (especially horror) and creative writing.

Cormac Krupa-Gillmor (he/him) is a U3 English Literature major with minors in Communication Studies and IDS. He’s interested in ecocriticism, modernism and postmodernism. He enjoys books with and without pictures.

Emily Matuska (she/her) Is a U4 double major in English Literature and Art History. She is especially drawn to modernist novels and poetry within the field of literature. Her secret passion is creative writing, and she is a true crime fanatic. 

Sienna Russell Edwards (she/her) is a U3 Cultural Studies major with minors in Communications and World Cinema. She enjoys studying music and music history-based media including documentary and literature. Outside of school, she is an enthusiast of vintage fashion from the 60s and 70s and is an avid seamstress.

Justin is a U3 Honours English Literature student minoring in Philosophy, and this is his second year editing for The Channel. He is currently working on a thesis about (classical) music and temporality in Orfeo and The Time of Our Singing by Richard Powers. Other academic interests include 20th century American literature, the modernist novel, and philosophy and fiction.

Solmaz Salehi is a U3 double major in English Literature and History and this is her first time editing for The Channel. She only enjoys reading pretentious modernist and postmodernist works and loves debating when modernism ends and pomo begins. Some of her favourite writers are James Joyce, Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, T. S. Eliot, Michael Ondaatje, Anne Sexton, and Hanya Yanagihara.

Cedar You is a U4 Honours English Literature and Honours Political Science double major. His current interests include systems novels, semiotics, political theory, and literary criticism. Outside of school, he enjoys cooking, music, and visual art.

Lucy Zavitz is a U2 Honours English Literature major with a minor in Russian literature and culture. She’s from Salt Lake City, Utah and love skiing and hiking in her free time. She is particularly interested in modernist and Romantic poetry as well as novels of sensibility. She loves Jane Austen and her favorite book is Sense and Sensibility.