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Editorial Team

The Channel’s editorial board is selected from undergraduate students in McGill’s Department of English. Editors collectively read, discuss, and select essays for publication.


Michael Anders is a U3 English Honours and Psychology double major. His interests include the novel in the long 20th century and literary criticism, especially the work of Benjamin and the Frankfurt School. Outside of school, he enjoys cooking, film, and music.

Sophie Semeniuk (she/her) is a U3 Joint Honours English Cultural Studies and Art History student. Her current interests include filmic representations of domestic space, art criticism, and Italian Autonomia. In her spare time, she enjoys testing new recipes and checking out art exhibitions around town.


Haider Ali (he/him) is a U3 Honours English literature major and Italian studies minor. His interests mainly fall in Renaissance drama and poetry, especially Shakespeare (on whom his honours essay is being written), Spenser, and Marvell, and French post-war anti-humanist theory, especially Lacan, Althusser, and Derrida. In his free time, he is rather occupied with winding around the blinding Ding and negating those pesky negations (of negations… of negations)!

Tina Barbusci is a U3 English Literature major with a minor in Russian Culture. She enjoys reading Fantasy/Sci-fi novels and has a budding obsession with works by John Milton and Thomas Hardy. Outside of school, you can find her experimenting in the kitchen, rewatching (arguably the best show of all time) Lucifer, or prowling the stacks of new arrivals at Cheap Thrills.

Rachel Barker is a U1 Art History major with a minor in English Literature. She loves modern art and literature from the Romantic period and is interested in contemporary art reflecting the environmental crisis. When not found cutting up posters from art books to stick on her bedroom walls, Rachel often listens to classic rock, reads, or plots with friends.

Chiara Dias Caronni is a U3 English Cultural Studies and Political Science major. Her main interests include film and the application of theories to cultural texts. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer, the guitar, and going on walks around the city.

Ramsey Headrick (he/him) is a U2 German Studies and Political Science major with a minor in European Literature. He enjoys Russian literature, especially Chekhov and Turgenev. In his free time, Ramsey loves to watch soccer, listen to jazz music, and explore brewpubs with his friends.

Julie Jacques is a U3 student studying English Literature, History, and German. She currently has goals of reading through the entire bibliography of the New Canadian Library and baking through Claire Saffitz’s YouTube channel. She also enjoys learning new instruments, gardening (weather permitting), and piping hot mugs of cocoa.

Lydia Lepki is a U1 English Literature major with a minor in Linguistics. She is particularly interested in literature from the Restoration period and contemporary fiction. Lydia also enjoys figure skating, watching movies with shocking plot twists, and chipping away at her devastatingly long Goodreads TBR.

Sophie Matta is a U3 English Literature and International Development major. She’s most interested in novels of the eighteenth and nineteenth centurywith a predictable soft spot for Austen. She loves cooking and baking for friends and family in her free time and trying out new coffee shops around Montreal. Sophie is currently falling into a new obsession with Edith Wharton’s unfinished novel, The Buccaneers, and is in steadfast denial that it will never be finished.

Alyssa Sequeira (she/her) is a U3 English Literature major with minors in Communications and European Literature and Culture. Her interests include Romantic and Gothic literature with favourites like Wuthering Heights and Rebecca. She also loves Percy Jackson and can’t wait for the new TV series.

AnnaClare Sung is a U2 English Cultural Studies major, with minors in English Literature and Communication Studies. Her current interests include cultural and literary theory–particularly relating to postmodern aesthetics and issues of the middlebrow––as well as contemporary fiction. In her free time, she enjoys taking ballet classes and watching films.

Lucy Zavitz is a U3 English Literature Honours student with a minor in Russian literature and culture, and this is her second year editing for the channel. Lucy is from Salt Lake City, Utah and loves skiing and hiking in her free time. She is particularly interested in medieval literature, modernist poetry, and 18th century novels of sensibility.