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When Gluing Cracks Together Is Not Enough: Trauma and Abjection in Kim Thúy’s Ru and Eden Robinson’s “Dogs in Winter”

By Liz Wagner Since it disturbs the natural flow of reading, the fragment form constitutes one of the most striking literary features of contemporary migration…

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‘Otherness’ Reinforced through Queer Temporality: A Queer Reading of “Drown” and “Quarantine:”

by Sanjna Navani Temporality is “a mode of implantation through which institutional forces come to seem like somatic facts”; in heteronormative society, these forces “are…

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Discursive and Formal Violence in Monique Mojica’s Princess Pocahontas and the Blue Spots

by Thomas Macdonald In “Stories from the Body: Blood Memory and Organic Texts,” Monique Mojica writes: “Our bodies are our libraries…Each injury, physical or emotional…

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